Friday, May 16, 2008

Posts from WCCHS

Here is info on Jeff Fank - aka Jeffrey Fank, Jeffrey A. Fank, Jeffrey Adam Fank.
and his girl friend Michelle Kesner.

Just in case anyone can't find all the posts on the West Chicago Community High School web site I made a copy of them.

Just want to let everyone know Jeff Fank has a new business named Artisitc Builders Inc. He has it under his girlfriends name Michele Kesner. If anyone has been ripped off by Jeff Fank or one of his alais's or company alais's please contact me for more info at
-Vicitm of JAF

this should be renamed the jeff fank anti-fan club.when he least expects it OUCH! FADE TO BLACK. when he least expects it

Jeff Fank - I've been trying to talk to you face to face. You ran and hid (and along the way changed all of your phone numbers). Bottomline, you got me for about a $3,500 loss. But in the end, you're the true loser in life.
-Joe Zeinieh

here is why he takes our money
-f f c

even more
-f f c

more goodies here
-f f c

-fank fan club


at some point in his life he might realize that its easier to be honest than to weave thru the tangled web of lies and to always be looking over his shoulder.if he lives to see 50 i would be suprised.
-member of the fank fan club

He destroyed our deck with a pressure washer and SLOPPY stain sprayer in 1998 and then as far as we knew -- fell off the face of the earth. We would have sued him if we knew where to find him. What a sleazebag. Our deck has never been the same. MIsery loves company I guess...
-Another customer of JAF

maybe you and i should get together and swap jaf stories; I would be interested in learning what specifics you know about JAF; any thoughts of how we can contact each other. --Customer of JAF

maybe you and i should get together and swap jaf stories and figure a way to "thank him"!
-other jaf customer

-all it will take is 15000 to stop all this, give us dirt.
--Customer of JAF

well here are a few facts about mr fraud,i mean fank.seems he was about to lose his house to forclosure so he suckers a few homeowners into signing a crappy contract so he can use there money to keep his house,then hires some sucker from in front of home depot to do enough of the work to piss off the homeowner then stops showing up and claims homeowner defaulted on contract.seems to be his latest scam.currently has 2 lawsuits.his wife or girlfriend works for a contractor and gives jeff there leads.he claims on the service magic website that he designed trex deck components but after talking to there legal dept.(who by the way plan on going after the dickhead) says they never hired him or anybody to do there design work.i have a large file of info i have been collecting on mr fraud,he is my hobby.
-all it will take is 15000 to stop all this

hey some other guy that jeff fank ripped off!!

Hey Jeff, You are a big talker. You say that people will not meet you face to face, but you won't even return a phone call. All you do is take money from people and don't even finish the work. If you are a man call me.
-Customer of JAF

First, I would like to apologize for comments that were made that had my name attached to them. I want the people who were mentioned to know that I have nothing but respect and fond memories of them. Second, I am sorry that the coward who wrote these comments does not have the dignity to address his problem with me face to face, and would choose to hurt other people who have nothing to do with this persons hostility towards me. Third, to the author of these comments,I realize you need help. I will keep you in my prayers. Jeffrey A Fank
-Jeffrey A. Fank

hey everybody call me!! 630-205-0149 630-257-1331 fax me! 630-257-1303
-jeff fank

you thought i was a loser in high school,now i am an adult loser,i have never worked an honest day in my life ,i think i have gypsy blood.its just a matter of time before i get my ass kicked!! jeff fank jeffrey a fank
-jeff fankyou thought i was a loser in high school,now i am an adult loser,i have never worked an honest day in my life ,i think i have gypsy blood.its just a matter of time before i get my ass kicked!! jeff fank jeffrey a fank
-jeff fank


Anonymous said...

We have known Jeff all our life. We have the highest regards for Mr Fank. Jeff has completed several projects for us and without any problems. The project took a little longer than we expected only due to the weather and a few changes made by us, and yes it cost us additional money, but WE made the changes to the contract. He has a number of very good references and the projects he has completed are beautiful. He is very creative and his workmanship and integrity is unmatched.

It is really a shame that some people are so unhappy with their own lives and angry that they have to sit around making up stories about other people because they screwed things up themselves.

I spoke with Jeff when I read these stories and asked him what these were about. He told me that you have OCD, however that does not give you the right to harrass or threaten other people because you can't be happy with your own decisions.
The biggest mistake that Mr Fank made was signing a contract with you,which he allowed you to have drawn up, knowning that no one else would do the work. He apparently had no idea how evil you were and he felt sorry for you, he is very patient and trusted that all would go well. If Mr Fank was as bad as you are making him out to be, the courts would not have thrown out your case. YOU ARE ONE SICK PERSON!!!!!!!

Mrs. O

JAFinfo said...

Thank you Mrs. O
You just proved my point, Jeff has ripped off so many people that he doesn't even know who posted this blog. I don't have OCD. I have not harrassed or threaten other people.
I did not draw up the contract, Jeff drew up the contract. Also, I never took Jeff to court, you might ask why and the reason is because Jeff has lost in court before and then claims that he has no money. I have met a dozen other people that he has taken money from, and the comment from the blog are from many different people. It was just copied from another web site.

My project did get finished by more quilified and honest people. I talked to some of the subs that worked on the project and they said that they worked for Jeff Fank and they would never work for him again. I also asked the subs if they would put that in writing and they did. That tells me a lot, if they are willing to put it in writing. I have a good life. I think that Mrs. O missed the whole point of the web page.

This web page exists because we want to help the consumer out there that is planning to do a home improvement project and doesn't want to be ripped off by this BAD CONTRACTOR. Jeff Fank - aka Jeffrey Fank, Jeffrey A. Fank, Jeffrey Adam Fank

Anonymous said...

Jeff ripped us off too...... still paying the bill for it. Buyer beware! If there was an opposite of Angie's list - Jeff Fank would be on it.

Anonymous said...

we are a flooring store that jeff owes over 4000.00 dollars. He has owed us for over a year... if anyone has his current address i would love to stop by.

Anonymous said...

His address is on this link

LEMONT, Illinois, 60439

Anonymous said...

I just hope that Jeff gets what is coming to him. He has ripped off many people and even though he claims to be broke, I highly doubt that. They say what goes around, comes around and I sure hope that Jeff gets what he's given to others - nothing but grief and heartache!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff is up to his old tricks! He just ripped off a generous landlord in Mokena, IL and the owner of a business there. Total taken $17,000+. The guy is a piece of work. I'm the owner of the other business. Wish I would have done some homework. The guy is very believable. I had a sub standing next to me while jeff was on speaker phone. He told the sub I never paid him even though I showed a check to the sub that jeff cashed within hours of me writing the check. This guy is a complete sleaze. Its one thing to steal from homeowners and business owners. Its completely wrong to not pay your subs after they do the work. Thanks for creating this blog. Some people like the landlord and I learned the hard way. Hopefully others will do their homework and not get ripped off by this shady bastard.

Anonymous said...

Those of you that haven't been ripped of by Jeff Fank - aka Jeffrey Fank, Jeffrey A. Fank, Jeffrey Adam Fank.
and his girl friend Michelle Kesner then here is only warning. Take it from someone who has been 'taken' by him for over $12,800.

Jeff continues to change company names and his recent promotion is a way for him to use your good name so he can scam your friends.

He hires subcontractors who start the work and then he never pays his subs. His subcontractors are mostly immigrants with few resources and work very cheap. Its one thing to steal from people who have money, but its outright evil to take from people who barley have anything.

Your heart goes out to these mostly Hispanic men who have kids and a family and most of us, unlike Jeff are compassionate, and you end up paying these men so they can feed there kids. Meanwhile, you gave a check to Jeff and he tells these men YOU never paid him so he can't pay them.

Jeff has ripped off enough people as you can see by the links. Don't hurt your friends by recommending Jeff to anyone! More importantly don't hurt subcontractors who work tirelessly and are promised a paycheck only to be left high and dry.

Ever wonder why he goes by so many names and changes company names often? If you simply google Jeff Fank you'll be introduced to numerous consumers who have been ripped of my this guy.

Some of you on this email might be Jeff's friends and have nice things to say because your unable to see through his slick talking sales ability. If you do decide to use Jeff for some odd reason please pay the subcontractors directly. Don't let him take advantage of you or the subs as he has done so many times before. Don't take my word for it simply Google his name 'Jeff Fank' and see for yourself.

I've never physically been there, but people have said those pictures on the website he his promoting now are of Jeffs deck. Jeff lives pretty nice as you can see. You can visit Jeff's home or simply 'Google Earth' it to verify for yourself of the nice mansion he lives in while ripping of subs who work so hard for free.

At the end of the day the subs and you get excuses from Jeff on why they are not getting paid. You're left with a lot less money and an unfinished project. For the Subs with a little bit of knowledge of the law they end up placing a mechanics lien on your home.These hard working men can barley feed there young children and this evil person who now goes by J. Adams really doesn't care.

Jeff Fank
14735 W Hickory Ave
Lemont, IL 60439

Here are just a few sites you may want to read before subjecting yourself to being Ripped off by this con artist J. Adams.
Only name he has left that you can't search on Google I guess!

Anonymous said...

That is totally disgusting - can't believe that Jeff still is up to his old tricks. To even change his name? What a total idiot!!They say what goes around comes around and I sure hope he gets hurt like he's hurt so many others, including us. I guess once a con, always a con:( Does anyone know what company name he currently uses? I have a few friends that need remodeling and I need to steer them away from this sleaze.

Anonymous said...

He has also kept (stolen) money from a biz selling Clear with 2-3 different companies. Has not returned any calls or emails, MIA..bad person!

JAFinfo said...

This is funny. Either Jeff or one of his friends tried to post on this site. The person said " I have checked with the BBB, The states Attorney General and county court records, I have not seen any proof of all of these so called rip-offs." The person didn't look very hard F rating on the BBB and Contractors Network has a complaint filed with Attorney General office. Also the person said "These companies Jeff has supposedly changed his name to are actually companies that hired jeff and he had nothing to do with owning them, he was/is an employee." But if you look at on the first Rebuttal is says Owner of Company
and it is signed Jeffrey Fank. Hey Jeff you need to keep your stories staight.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH what a tangled web we weave when at first we deceive.
As for the "Anonymous said..." its either Jeff or his prostitute girlfriend who wrote that Im sure.

Signed: another victim heard from.

Anonymous said...

Now we wait for his line of BS response, he should take better notes so he does not get his lies mixed up. The Better Business Bureau gives Jeff Fank a failing grade "F", that can be confirmed by going to the BBB website, here is the link:

I dare Jeff to publish the names for those "Hundreds" of satisfied Customers so we can call to confirm how happy they are with Jeff, I would guess that there are a hand-full of satisfied customers, I'm sure those customers like what they see but there is no doubt that what lies below the surface is substandard.

I also did some checking on the Cook County website And saw where Jeff has been in foreclosure on numerous occasions, If somebody did a little research here it might be discovered that the timing of those foreclosures correspond to one of his victims being ripped off.

1.) find a sucker who needs work done.
2.) get money from that sucker
3.) Find a sub to do a little work
4.) get more money from sucker
5.) do a little more "Work"
6.) don't pay subs, keep all the money from Sucker, use the money to get out of foreclosure
7.) repeat as needed.

Who's the fool?, yep, its all of us Suckers.

Anonymous said...

JAF'a current address is:
28W070 Robin Lane
Northwoods, IL 60185

Anonymous said...

His current address is:
28W070 Robin Lane
Northwoods, IL 60185

Anonymous said...

JAF lives in Northwoods now. He is renting the house. He is trying to ripp off his landlord now.

Anonymous said...

For your information:
RESIDENTIAL FORCIBLE ENTRY AND DETAINER,trial between Landlord -VS- JAF, take place OCTOBER 09 20014 AT 2PM COURTROOM 2018 DUPAGE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT case number 2014LM002729

Anonymous said...

I just saw that Jeff nominated himself for his made up CoY (Contractor of the year). This is not the real national ConY. This is the second time he has nominated himself for this made up CoY. The funny part about this is that he can't even win the made up CoY award that he created. He has a website with stock photos from other websites. If you are looking to get work done don't use Jeff Fank. You need to find a quality contractor to do your work.

Anonymous said...

2017 and he is at it again. Now under UDAC LLC. He currently lives in Elburn. Please don't hire him.

Anonymous said...

He is at it again, and is hurting everyone he touches.

They also operate Nature’s Silver Lining. It’s some type of supplement that “works miracles”. I tried it on a cyst, and it did nothing.

Here is the website:
Don’t buy this product from them.

Jordan Kurkowski said...

Hello Fank Support Group,

I admire each and everyone’s courage to come forward on the matters at hand. It is difficult to admit that you were taken, and even more difficult to come to terms with the fact he gets away with it.

I was recently taken advantage of by Jeff, and I too am going to start a blog to speak to my experiences. Here is a link:

Any support of the blog and getting the word out is greatly appreciated. The madness has to stop.